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Welcome to Tasteful Mathura City.....वदनी कवळ घेता नाम घ्या श्रीहरीचे | सहज हवन होते नाम घेता फुकाचे ||
जीवन करी जिवित्वा अन्न हे पूर्ण ब्रह्म | उदरभरण नोहे जाणिजे यज्ञकर्म ||

Mathura has been in full swing since 1984. Customer service receipts for our service and different types of products are still continuing.

For the first time, Pav-Bhaji in Pune and, in Maharashtra for the first time, authentic Marathmoli Gavaran Thali , Maharashtrian substance, started from Mathura Hotel. Since then, many of the innovative and healthy diet ideas have come up in front of us.

All the ingredients in Mathura are made innovative from raw malnutrition. We request you to enjoy the many innovative substances in Mathura. We will always be in our service, because of your responses.

Thank You.

Mathura Pure Veg Today Mathura Pure Veg is one of the best Pure Vegetarian food provider in Pune maharashtra. A delightful experience at HOTEL Mathura Pure Veg will definitely bring you back again & again.

Our dishes are one of the most tempting and lip smacking delicacies that are full of flavors and spices. Maharashtrian cuisine is well known for its food ranging from being mild to very spicy dishes. Ingredients like wheat, rice, jowar, bajra, lentils, vegetables and fruits form important components of a Maharastrian meal.

There is a wide range of appetizing and yummy snacks prepared that includes Pav-bhaji, Misal Pav, Pohey, Kothimbir vadi, Thalipeeth etc. A traditional and scrumptious Maharashtrian meal is served on a plate called the 'Thali' where each food item served has a specific place in the thali. Generally the bhaaji or curries are served on the right side while the chutney, koshimbir are served at the left. The papad is placed below the koshimbir with the rice and poli served at the bottom of the circle close to the diner's hand. The amti, rassa is served in separate bowls placed on right hand side of the diner. Water is placed on the left hand side. Our food gets wonderfully strong aroma of spices from their freshly ground spice mix and the use of garlic and ginger in abundance.